June 2018

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One person’s trash is another person’s rewarding community service?

Sound’s silly to say it like that, but Muhlenberg Rotary does find a certain sense of fulfillment and service by meeting several Saturdays each year to patrol and clean up our own little stretch of highway.

Meeting earlier (6:00 AM) to have breakfast at the nearby Crossroads Restaurant doesn’t hurt.  Good food and better conversation lend themselves to a great start to the day.  Saturday it was project leader Sean, President Terri, Allen and Lin to start.  After breakfast, with the usual impromptu discussions of other Rotary efforts, we met more Rotarians outside at 7:00.  Steve, Tim and Jack were ready to join the cleanup.  Also joining us was Terri’s son-in-law’s mom, Sue Skelly.  She’s joined us at a number of events; can we get her to take the step of officially joining us?

Eight is enough, as the old TV title says.  And it’s true for our efforts.  With four quadrants to our cloverleaf for picking up, small groups are busy doing pick-up, while employing the “Buddy System” to stay safe.  This is always a good idea when playing in high speed traffic! 

Shortly after we began, some guy in a new red Colorado calls out to us, “Hey where are the bags?”  This is Tom Kisling showing up to help.  We directed him to where leader Sean is providing bags and safety vests, so Tom can join the pick-up party.

All in all, it was a most pleasant morning to be out.  Nice temperature and low humidity made the morning walk and stoop a good experience.  We’re tentatively scheduling the next effort for July 28th, when we’ll find more trash has appeared.  Hope to see you then!

Monday is Camp Neidig commencement.  It’s always a treat to see a gathering of future leaders. We have no meeting scheduled for this Tuesday, as we have both the highway cleanup and Neidig event instead.  The meeting on June 26th at Blind Hartman’s will center on a discussion by Sean, Tim and Mike on the up-coming Wine & Dine event.



Coming up this week – Highway Cleanup on Saturday, the 16th.  We will meet for breakfast @ 6:00 at Crossroads. If you can’t (or don’t want to) get up that Early, please join us at 7:00 for the actual clean-up.  On Monday, the 18th we will be attending the closing ceremonies for Camp Neidig down on the banks of the Manatawny.  If you haven’t ordered your chicken dinner , you can still go down to enjoy these young people with all their enthusiasm.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention our members who received recognition for EREY donations last week. John Alshefski, Tim Bitting, Sean Fitzgerald, Tom Kisling, Jack Krishock, Allen Moyer and Lin Seyler are all looking for a place to hang their new hardware.  Send us a picture of the place of prominence you find for your award.  Surely,  we will need more carved Rotary wheels to honor our other members as well in the future. 

Last evening was a busy one for Muhlenberg Rotarians.  We began by electing Directors for the 2018-2019 year for the Rotary Club of Muhlenberg Charitable Foundation.  By unanimous vote we chose Steve Adams, Sean Fitzgerald, Tom Kisling, Jack Krishock, Mike Lepera, Terri Pfennig and Lin Seyler.

At a short board meeting held immediately after the regular meeting, the Board of Directors approved the budget submitted for the coming three Rotary years.  Spending to the limit of funding in this budget can now be done by the officers without further authorization.  Any expenditures outside of these items, however, will require Board approval.

We had quite a discussion of changes to the fruit sale.  The supplier we used last year has merged with a new outfit, Peejay’s.  Allen Moyer has taken the time to investigate what this means to us, and it has some new, nice features.

The product line is slightly different with the merger, but gives us a chance at new offerings, tangelos (really an old offering), and clementines.  We will also be able to do online ordering and payment, a great improvement.  The new vendor will provide some promotional materials and will subsidize (25%) up to $100 for our promotional materials.  In line with this, Allen has developed a handout for our events, like Riverfest, Wine&Dine and the Flea Market.  No prices yet, but good information to promote sales.

Some discussion about the product line, like dropping juice oranges, was tossed around.  Also, our ability to not order too much fruit “on Spec” was discussed and we hope to minimize any fruit left after the day of sale.  

We need details and definition on some items: How do we sell pecans? How do we include the other clubs?  How will this work for the day of sale, with respect to our loading dock process?  Allen is on top of this, and will get answers as we deal with the new people.    

Next Event/Meeting will start at 6:30 at Crossroads this Saturday, April 7, as we will be having breakfast before doing our first highway cleanup of the year. 
Another opportunity for Rotarians to glean some membership tips is through the Rotary Member Webinar on April 9th.  See this link for details: 
Also coming up is the joint Lions/Rotarians meeting on May 22nd at Blind Hartman’s.   There are 3 entrée choices: Southern Fried Catfish with two sides and cup of soup, Chicken Parm with side salad and Ma’s Meatloaf with two sides and cup of soup. All meals will include non alcoholic drinks. Price will be $20 per person.  Please respond to Tim by May17 at tbitting@kochandkoch.com.
We had a discussion regarding the need to renew our domain name through Clubrunner.  The options were:
 8 years at $24.95 per year or
5       years at $29.95/year or 
3 years at $34.95/year. 
After discussion, the club opted, by acclaim, for the 5 years option. 
In the continuing saga of the snow, the Collins’ desires to just avert weather disaster, their neighbors Mike Lepera and Jim Miller, we added yet another chapter at our last meeting.  It seems in the untimely and unusually heavy snowstorm recently past (who ever thinks we could get a foot of snow in late March?) Marge and Ed lost their mailbox post to the snow moving efforts of the road crew.  Obviously Mrs. Collins was interested in getting their mail and is adamant about having a new mail post installed by Ed asap.  Dutiful Ed began the project to correct the situation on a Saturday.  He was unable to finish, but assured Marge the project would be completed the following day. The next day he was just finishing cementing in the post when neighbor Mike came over to help.  It seemed Ed wasn’t using the right cement, Mike had much better hydraulic cement.  So they dug it out and replaced the pole foundation, trued up the pole and all is finished.  Mrs. Collins is impressed.  Ed wanted to take full credit for the install, but had to admit to Marge that Mike helped him.  But all in all, everything is good on Elm Avenue until the next weather calamity.  One last word to Ed; think about how things would have turned out had you had the assistance of neighbor Jim Miller.    
William F. “Bill” Borda
On Monday, March 26th a good Rotarian from the Muhlenberg Rotary, Bill Borda, at 94 years of age, was taken from us to be with the Lord.  He was with his family, daughter Terry and son Ray at the end.  Bill was a good man, a proud veteran, and a staunch Rotarian.
Bill was born on November 14, 1923.  He lived in Berks County most of his life; as long as I know him on Marion St in Laureldale.  He went to war for his country with the 82nd Airborne in World War II.  He was justifiably proud of his service and used to joke that he made 21 take-offs in an airplane before he had a single landing.  All the other times before he had to jump!
On September 29th, 1951, he married Betty.  They celebrated 66 years together this past fall.  He spent a career working in the knitting business, working for Dolphin Sportswear as their VP of sales.  Bill was always admiring young people’s sports accomplishments, having followed many of them in his work. 
But to many of us, Bill will be most remembered as a mainstay of Muhlenberg Rotary.  We list him as entering Muhlenberg Rotary on Jan 1, 1962.  This is just the earliest date shown by Rotary International’s records for all older Rotarians.  Bill joined the Reading Rotary back in the 1950’s and transferred to Muhlenberg some time later.  His dates of service didn’t seem to matter to Bill, just what could he do now.  Bill served the club in many offices, as President, as a Director, and Chairing committees.  He was always a helping hand at the fruit sale, the fishing rodeo, and other events.  But nowhere did he serve better than as the scribe for the club.  For decades Bill put out our weekly bulletin, the “Rotamuhl”, with great recounts of our efforts, our speakers and our coming events.  And Bill accomplished this without a computer or even a typewriter up until he became an Honorary Rotarian just a few years ago.  The club was given the District Award for best publication several years ago; both the club and Bill were proud of this recognition.
I have often said that Rotary is like an extended family.  We meet so frequently that we become familiar with each other, tease each other, sometimes get on one another’s nerves, but, hopefully always respect each other.  Bill was a big part of our Rotary family, a big brother to some, a fatherly figure to others, a friend to everyone, including the families of Rotarians.    We all miss him already.
            Come join us  for the annual
   Muhlenberg Rotary Fishing Rodeo
       April 21 2018  at Laurel Run Park
Registration is the day of the event. Please register 1/2 hour priory to your age group's scheduled time.
Registration opens at 8AM
Children 4 to 5 years old - fish from 8:30-9:10
Children 6 to 7 years old - fish from 9:15-9:55
Children 8 to 11 years old - fish from 10:00-10:45
Children 12 to 15 years old - fish from 10:45-11:25
Rotary Hockey Night 3-14-18
Rotary changed its meeting schedule to enjoy a night at the Reading Royals.  After a great meal at the Cheers Restaurant across the street from the Santander Arena, We were the guests of the Doubletree in their suite just above center ice.  What a view! 
Dinner was held in the Boscov’s Board Room, an adjunct just for our use as part of the DoubleTree’s Cheers Restaurant.  Even though they were quite busy, we had good service and great food.  Our waiter for the evening did a good job of accommodating even late arrivals and for good measure, traded puns with Tom Kisling.  He quipped, “I’m often a boxer by the end of the meal.”  Tom, not to be out done, replied, “I used to be a pilot.  I would pile it here, and pile it there.” 
 After our meal, we crossed the street to enjoy a hockey game between our city’s Royals and the Komets from Ft. Wayne.  As an added bonus, the Philadelphia Flyers sent a once prized goalie on rehab to Reading to work the kinks out.  In his first game in almost a year, Anthony Stolarz looked a bit rusty, but made some good saves.  Also on the ice was Steven Swavely, a Muhlenberg High School graduate. Steve had a pretty assist on a Royals tally.
In the suite, we were visited by Slapshot, the Royals mascot posing for group pictures and selfies. He’s always hamming it up, helping all attendees have a great time.    
During the first intermission, Irish dancers entertained the audience; those little girls were great.  But during a third period time-out our box was entertained by President Terri doing the “Y M C A” dance.
All this built to the crescendo of OVERTIME!  Extra hockey is always exciting.  But the Royals fell in the sudden victory stanza.  Still a good time was had by Allen Moyer and daughter Lindsay, Tom Kisling and Sharon, Sean Fitzgerald, Steve Adams, Tim Bitting and friend, Garland Bear, President Terri and Greg Pfennig and Lin Seyler.
Next week, back to Blind Hartman’s for the usual Tuesday get-to-gether.
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