An evening of service and fun for all
For the 18th year, Muhlenberg Rotary has provided an evening of bingo to the residents of Berks Heim.  The prizes offered, the venue used, have changed over the years.  Some things, like the gathering of the residents, 75 little balls in the machine for John to call, and the participants enjoying themselves stay the same.
We celebrated the 371st bingo game attended by Volunteer Richard; he still hasn’t gotten a bingo of his own.
We had nine Rotarians (Terri, Tim, Tom, Sean, Steve, John, Jack, Fred and Lin) as well as Partners Greg, Sharon and Kathy.  As always, the men residents are vastly outnumbered by the women in attendance.  That seems to be the nature of the Heim’s population.   It was a change to not see our own Bill Borda playing bingo this year.  We hope the old trooper is up in heaven back to playing the tennis he so enjoyed before age and weakness robbed him of that ability.
All in all, a great evening  for Rotary and the Heim.  Thanks to all the Rotarians and a special thanks to our partners, the Heim staff and volunteers.