A fun time had by all at the conference
The District 7430 Conference was held over this past week end.  President Terri, Secretary Lin and Board member Tom were in attendance.  Not bad representation, but we can always strive to do better.
It is always a pleasure to see what Rotary is accomplishing at the District level, such as the outward bound and incoming Youth Exchange people.  These young people come from all over the world.  Sometimes they even have to repeat academic years when they return to their native lands.  Hopefully, what they learn from our culture and from Rotary in particular compensates for the sacrifices and inconveniences they experience.  Each one I personally spoke to was focused on learning and growing.
 The Conference is always a good place to network with other Rotarians.  One club is sometimes insufficient to accomplish goals on our own; but by joining with others, we can reach them.  Our club has seen this in our Fruit sale and things such as “Wine & Dine.”  Many of these joint efforts begin as a kernel of discussion at meeting such as the Conference. 
I did not attend the Friday evening “Best of the Wurst” event.  Apparently I would have been well entertained.  People kept coming up to our own Tom Kisling and congratulating him on winning a share of first place in the band’s kazoo contest.  I don’t know what this entailed, nor am I sure I want to know.  We all are aware of Tom’s introverted nature, so I am sure it was his adept triple trilling of the kazoo, reflective of years of practice that earned him this distinction.  It couldn’t be any boisterous display on Tom’s part, I’m sure.  Oh, well.  At least Tom couldn’t be telling any jokes while playing the kazoo.
Sunday morning’s closing session included a memorial service for our fallen comrades.  President Terri and I lit candles and accepted yellow roses of peace and friendship for Bill Borda and Ed Collins.  These are being forwarded to Bill’s daughter Terry and Ed’s wife Marge, along with a copy of the program from the service.