Mixed Results from Dog Sales
The fall Flea Market effort certainly had a mixed bag of results.  Pretty much everything hangs on the weather for these events.  We weren't blessed with the best weather for the flea market, but the right choice was made of the two days.  Berks County received inches of rain on Sunday morning, so Heather made the better call to go on with the show on Saturday.  Unfortunately, many of the stand holders just decided to stay at home that morning.  With the light participation of vendors came a light attendance by the public.  All of which leads to a lower than anticipated sales level for hot dogs, drinks and even donuts.
But being the positive Rotarians that we are, we need to look at the good things that come from this experience.  We made a little money, although not as much as we had hoped.  We'll get an accurate tally from Treasurer Steve a little later, but we were in the $300 neighborhood, by rough calculation. All this without over exertion on anyone's part. business was slow but steady all morning.
We learned how to set up the tables to get our valiant bun handlers away from exposure to the element and out of the hole they literally stand in. We have adopted an effective  "holding " strategy for the light sales periods with the boullion tray on the grill.  I don't know that we lost a lot to overcooked dogs before, but our dogs stay much more palatable  now.  
The remains of the day went over to Mary's shelter; They are eating a lot of tube steak sandwiches lately.
The long range look at this result has two components:  The township is considering not having the Fall flea market.  We need to look at an informational/contribution oriented effort instead of a vending effort.  We have often heard it said that we need to be telling people what Rotary is about more than selling them hot dogs/snocones/fruit/wine.  Maybe we need to seriously look at that as our presentation to the community.
As president, I welcome any discussion of how we can do this.