The Rotary faithful gathered at Crossroads for breakfast Saturday.  Six AM isn’t too early for some of us (Sean, Terri, Tom and Lin)  We were joined at 7 by Steve, Tim and Mike.  It was looking foggy at first, but we persevered.  The weather man gave us enough of an opportunity to go out to our interchange and do a cleanup.  Someone pointed out that there is a sign amidst our area, giving credit to Fehl’s  Pools and Patios.  Fear not; this is only the starting point for their two miles of the straight and narrow.


As can be seen from our sign, posted on one of the clover-leaf turns, we are given full credit for our efforts.


It’s hard to believe we’ve been at it for over 25 years.  It started up under the leadership of Bill Borda, our recently passed old Rotarian.  Ten years under him and another ten under Lin Seyler.  Sean is ably following, leading us on to pick-up precision and tenacious trash collection.  We’ll have one more opportunity to clean up this year.

Sean will be conducting the meeting on Tuesday, as I will be in Ocean City MD at my son’s wedding.  Final planning for the Wine and Dine event will be the important business to be conducted.  I’m sure we’ll all cooperate and support Tim, Sean and Mike, who do the lion’s share of arrangement for this event.  We’ll see you at Jim Deitrich Park for the setup and the event this Saturday.  No meeting the following Tuesday, but we all should try to attend the District Governor’s official visit on August 14th.