Halloween Evening Meeting

We have a report on Garland Bear.  Last week Garland was going out to eat a meal at the Crossroads Restaurant and fell while negotiating a step.  He was attended to by the EMTs and went home.  However, later that evening he didn’t feel well, dialed 911 and spent the next few days in the Hospital.  He’s home now and been prescribed therapy, particularly for balance.  Our best wishes for his total re3covery; we hope to see him at Rotary soon.

There was some discussion on our upcoming fruit sale.  Members have been selling fruit and posting flyers around the township.  There are new, simpler Fruit Sale Flyers available from Allen Moyer.  Bottom line is SELL, SELL, SELL!!!

We had a report from the Wine and Dine committee.  The efforts of the Lions and our club has resulted in a distribution to our club of $2000!  The W&D committee recommended $1000 go to our general fund and a dedication of the second $1000 to membership measures.  The other members of the club heartily agreed, as membership is certainly a weak point for our club.  Board action following our meeting approved this allocation of the W&D funds.

Tom Kisling and Lin Seyler will be attending the Rotary Foundation training on November 11the at the Montgomery County Community College, with board Approval for their registration fees.

It was Tom Kisling’s pleasure to acknowledge Terri Pfennig’s 2018-2019 EREY contribution.  We are making good progress in getting every Rotarian involved in this effort.  Let’s keep it up.

The last item on our itinerary was a lively discussion responsive to a letter from District Governor Elect Herb Klotz.  He’s asking for our input regarding what the District can do for the clubs.  I’ll try to assemble all the suggestions made and bring it to the attention of the District at the Area PE meeting on Nov. 5th.  The District wants to help us, but we need to be specific in how they can.