Items from our last meeting June 25, 2019
We discussed the exciting time all of us had that were part of the World War II weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum.    Forty thousand attendees is a lot of people!  Everyone had a great time and most I have spoken to are eager to participate in some form again.  We must be grateful to Fleetwood Rotary for affording us this opportunity. We must also respect that they should have first priority for MAAM WWII opportunities.  The club will be contacting MAAM to see if something can happen for all the people who wish to volunteer.
The end of the year is approaching… so all members should be remitting dues to the Secretary.  Our dues are $190 for the entire year or $95 if you need to pay for only the first half.  Whichever amount you choose, please get it to the Secretary as soon as able; the International and District dues bills will be here shortly!
Next week (July 2nd) is Change-Over to 2019-2020 President Sean!  Let’s all come out and celebrate Sean’s new year.  Especially on this night, partners and other family members are most welcome.
The following week, July 9th ,we need to have an election by our club members of those who will be serving for the coming year as the Board of Directors for the Rotary Club of Muhlenberg Charitable Foundation.  Although this arm of our club has only been used to fund repairs to the Rotary Clock on Kutztown Road in recent years, we stand ready to be a conduit for any charitable endeavors we undertake.
On August 17th we will be holding the Wine and Dine event, joining with our good friends, the Muhlenberg Lions.  Tim Bitting distributed tickets to members in attendance.  If you were not at the meeting, please contact Tim to get some tickets to sell.
Although we have the core officer positions filled for this year, we still need to do two things:  The club is going to need a President in 2022-2023.  I know that sounds soooo far away, but we are in a good position leadership wise.  Let’s not lose that advantage. 
We also and always are looking for people to serve as Directors, both for the club and the charitable foundation.