What a wonderful evening for an outing at Schell’s fast food and Mini-golf!  My wife Kathy and I were sitting around the entrance to the mini-golf to take attendance and perhaps enjoy some golfing stories.  Before he even showed up, there were two women, noticing my Rotary shirt and hat who began inquiring, “Where’s that Garland Bear?”  Garland was the first Rotarian showing up to enjoy the evening.  One of these ladies did reappear later, to consult Garland on “Library business”.  Indeed, he was conducting ticket sales, for those Rotarians he somehow missed selling them at Change-over meeting last week. 

His first customer was John, freshly returned from the shore, where he was buying ice cream for his grandkids every night.  Ask him about it.  John was followed closely by Terri and her entourage, including daughter Jess and budding Rotarian, granddaughter Aria.  Next to show up was Jack, who is busy dog-sitting for his kids this week.

Mike, Linda and granddaughter Emily arrived, although they were waiting until tomorrow to go golfing.  Good to see Mike returned from the Delaware shore, after a well deserved rest.  Then Tom and Sharon rolled up in Tom’s new pride and joy, his new bright red pickup truck.

Last to show was Sean, who visited the lunch counter before sitting down.  Both John and Garland started begging French fries from him immediately.  I liked his line comparing them unfavorably to the seagulls at the shore.

The evening was rounded out when Garland went over to dairy bar and treated all to ice cream, chocolate, of course.

All in all it was a wonderful evening helping to celebrate a great fund-raiser for the Muhlenberg Community Library.  Schell’s deserves a serious kudos for donating their facility for this event each year.

See you all at our regular meeting on July 17th at Blind Hartman’s.  We will have a drawing for the EREY Piggleman; Rotarian must be present to win. After that, the next event is Highway clean-up on July 28th (no meeting on July 24th)