One person’s trash is another person’s rewarding community service?

Sound’s silly to say it like that, but Muhlenberg Rotary does find a certain sense of fulfillment and service by meeting several Saturdays each year to patrol and clean up our own little stretch of highway.

Meeting earlier (6:00 AM) to have breakfast at the nearby Crossroads Restaurant doesn’t hurt.  Good food and better conversation lend themselves to a great start to the day.  Saturday it was project leader Sean, President Terri, Allen and Lin to start.  After breakfast, with the usual impromptu discussions of other Rotary efforts, we met more Rotarians outside at 7:00.  Steve, Tim and Jack were ready to join the cleanup.  Also joining us was Terri’s son-in-law’s mom, Sue Skelly.  She’s joined us at a number of events; can we get her to take the step of officially joining us?

Eight is enough, as the old TV title says.  And it’s true for our efforts.  With four quadrants to our cloverleaf for picking up, small groups are busy doing pick-up, while employing the “Buddy System” to stay safe.  This is always a good idea when playing in high speed traffic! 

Shortly after we began, some guy in a new red Colorado calls out to us, “Hey where are the bags?”  This is Tom Kisling showing up to help.  We directed him to where leader Sean is providing bags and safety vests, so Tom can join the pick-up party.

All in all, it was a most pleasant morning to be out.  Nice temperature and low humidity made the morning walk and stoop a good experience.  We’re tentatively scheduling the next effort for July 28th, when we’ll find more trash has appeared.  Hope to see you then!

Monday is Camp Neidig commencement.  It’s always a treat to see a gathering of future leaders. We have no meeting scheduled for this Tuesday, as we have both the highway cleanup and Neidig event instead.  The meeting on June 26th at Blind Hartman’s will center on a discussion by Sean, Tim and Mike on the up-coming Wine & Dine event.