We had quite the meeting on Tuesday.  There were all kinds of details to iron out for our first venture into selling hot dogs and sno-cones at Riverfest in Jim Dietrich Park.  Aside from recovering from the double rain delay of Wine and Dine; not at all being concerned that we are going to be selling hot dogs in two weeks from Saturday; and certainly unafraid of doing all we intend to do for the first time with so few participants, we have confidence we will succeed! 

Personally, I’m as nervous as the dog that ate the razorblade pack and is awaiting the outcome.  But the sun will come up on Monday morning, so we needed to plan our effort.

We were considering raffling one of the tables originally intended to be raffled at the wine and dine, but our view of limited manpower made us realize this was not to be.  So we will be selling dogs, sodas and water.  We will still be adding trimmings of sauerkraut and chili to the dogs on request.  And we will vend sno-cones.

Set up can be done on Friday, so that’s a blessing.  We will also be doing some stocking of food and things early Saturday.  Replenishment will take place on Sunday morning as well. 

We are located all the way at the other end of the “Main Midway” across from the acoustic stage and near the beer garden.  Best access is coming in the back way, not pushing through the crowd from the farmhouse.  This location will also give us access for replenishment, but not for volunteer parking.

 We need all the help we can get, especially for Saturday.  That was the busiest day by far last year and we can expect the same this year. Bring your Rotary hat, Rotary shirt, bug spray and spend a few hours meeting the community.  It will be enjoyable, hopefully not too hectic and maybe we make some money as well. 

We also had some discussion regarding the new format for the fruit sale.  We can’t include pecans in our offering on line through the fruit vendor, so we will buy some for same day sales on a first come first sold basis.  Also, we will give other participating clubs the entire margin on their sales, as everything will be on line now.   More on the fruit sale later.

With our event this weekend, there’s no meeting next Tuesday,  August 28th. Enjoy the  holiday weekend.  We will be meeting on Sept. 4th to plan the Flea market hot dog sale on Sept 8th.

Future district events include the Purple pinkie run at Lehigh-Carbon Community College on Oct 13th, RLI at DeSalles University the following Saturday Oct 10th and Rotary Foundation Training  at Montgomery County Community College on Nov 10th.  Keep an eye on the website calendar; we try to keep it current and there is much going on for our club and in our area.