Upcoming events:

Tim has emailed that Garland Bear has been in and out of the hospital several times this week.  We will let you know more as we learn more.

Next meeting we will have Asst Dist Gov Bob Hobaugh filling us in on the Annual Fund of the Rotary Foundation.  Next year will be an exciting time in this area of Rotary activity.  The surge of contributions made to RF to celebrate its 100th anniversary will have matured to the return to local district point.  Thus there will be a high level of funds for District Grants.  Come on Tuesday to learn more.

December 15 will be Rotary’s day to ring the bell for the Salvation Army at Sam’s Club.  Details will be forthcoming from Tim Bitting over the next few days.  Thanks to Tim for making all the contacts regarding this.

December 11th will be the date for our Area 3 Christmas Party!  Reservations need to be made through Pam Rothenberger contact information is on the attached Flyer


We have contacted Fleetwood Rotary about their one time only opportunity to operate as the “gatekeepers” for the Mid Atlantic Air Museum’s World War II weekend on June 6,7&8th.  This is a good opportunity for us to raise funds for the Rotary Foundation and to help out another local club with a scheduling bind.

In talking to a couple who recently became Owner/operators of Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on 5th Street, Bernie and Nancy Joerger  are interested in how they can help the community.  I’m asking all Rotarians to put on their collective thinking caps to give them ideas.  It’s refreshing to have a couple like this looking for ways to serve.

I recently heard Andrea McHenry of FREE (  http://www.freefromht.org ) speaking about human trafficking IN BERKS COUNTY.  I’ll be inviting her to come and speak to us about this issue.  Perhaps we can partner or come up with an effort in this area, in keeping with RI areas of focus.