DG Visit
This Tuesday evening we had our official visit by the new District Governor, Cindy Hornaman.  Cindy has been a Rotarian with the Emmaus Club for the past 14 years, and has been active in her club and at the District level, primarily in the Foundation and Group Study Exchange type areas.  As a business person, including owning her own business, Cindy brings lots of organization to her position.  And the cherry on top is that she is a Nittany Lion!
I believe the tone was set early when our board was ready at the Club business pre-meeting.  We had answers ready for most areas of inquiry and from a business/administration perspective, we are doing OK.  The areas of membership and leadership succession are our areas of greatest need and will deserve and must receive our greatest attention this year.
Working around the room engaging with the members, she delivered a dynamic DG speech.          The major theme of her presentation was that we have to change to get youth involved.  Our general template of long meeting surrounding dinner just doesn’t appeal to young people.  We must endeavor   to channel them to service projects, which they are eager to join in on.  But time and expense are issues to be addressed.  Overall, change is what is needed to “Be the inspiration!”    
We also gave out our first 2018-2019 insert for Garland Bear’s EREY Rotary wheel.  We hope to bestow this measure on all our members this year.  So feed the pig, win the drawing, donate through your workplace or just give your donation outright.  But earn that insert!!!
On Tuesday the 21st we will finalize plans for RiverFest.  While it is important to be part of the planning, it is most important to be part of the operation.  We will need as much of an effort as members can make to be a vendor for the entire two days.  If we all chip in we will make it.