Feed back from our neighbors at Riverfest that is encouraging to our club.
Hello Rocky and Roberta
        I'm Lin Seyler, from the Muhlenberg Rotary, just dropping you a line to tell you how nice it was to be vending next to you this weekend.  Thanks for being good neighbors.  I hope things were a success for you. 
By the way, I looked at your web site and am impressed with your marketing. With a product as good as your sauce and your efforts I'm sure you're having success.
With the respect for you that I've gotten by looking at your site, I'd appreciate any critique of our club's stumbling efforts you may have observed while we spent all weekend side by side.
          Lin Seyler
  Hello Lin and happy hump day,
It was a fun weekend at Riverfest and we cannot wait until next year. We thought the Rotary did a great job at the show. The Rotary members displayed we think the most important traits to have a successful show. Everybody at your booth was smiling and having fun. Without a happy outgoing booth it doesn't matter how great the product is people will not come over and see what is going on.
The tent was very nice and professional looking. The table tops were clean and well attended to.
We thought the hot dogs were the best bargain food wise at the show. Not sure there is much more you can do other than offer some other types of food or drinks. Was there anything in particular you were looking for feedback on?
Have a great rest of the day.


Rockys Hot Sauce